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About Us


LAVEyou project is a group of people(of non-profit interests) who aim at promoting and organising the spirit/movement of volunteerism of social solidarity and environmental protection.
This can be achieved by:
a. Creating a platform of social networking of individuals/Corporations,NGOs etc
b. Designing,organizing and implementing events,actions,seminars on behalf of or in collaboration with individuals or corporations, NGOs, social institutions,citizens' movements etc.

Our vision: With Greece as a starting point,we intend to become a global networking meeting point of all the individual/corporate and social institutions who view social networking(in combination with all the advantages it provides),primarily through volunteerism, solidarity and selfless contribution.

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Lavers in Action

Lave you project team has created a network community contact and action of people,corporations and NGO aiming to promote selfless contribution,solidarity and volunteerism in a simple,modern,effective and entertaining way.The result of this action is the development of better personal,social and professional relations that is given through a volunteer experience.

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Spot the Laver

People/Corporations-Companies/Institutions/Organizations and movements with a social purpose,who are Lavers through their actions and work and make a favourable impression on us,we want to spot them, at any given moment!
Meaning, to present them and project their actions.

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LAVEyou on numbers

1 days of volunteering work
1 voluntary actions in all areas
1 volunteers participation
1 volunteering hours
1 associate organizations/companies/ social groups

Lavers gate

Welcome to the world of volunteerism and selfless giving. Fill your email to be informed about LAVEyou news. Become the next Laver/volunteer in the LAVEyou actions.