What is Explavers project;
Laver: The person who is interested in living innovative and interactive volunteer experiences.
Laver: A derivative of the name LAVEyou, which stands for: Live A Volunteer Experience!
Explorer+Laver=Explaver: I 'travel' in order to explore destinations and live volunteer experiences by contributing to the local community.
Explavers Action of the interactive LAVEyou team,is the new way of offering volunteer work through a travel experience.
-One of the best ways to learn about the destination that you wish to travel/visit,is to get into contact with the local community with which you will interact.
-The projection and promotion of volunteerism through interactive and enjoyable experiences.
-The projection and promotion of the social work of the Local Communities,Municipalities,Social Institutions,Citizen Teams,Individuals and Entities and NGOs.
-We choose the destination depending on the season,the distance,the time available,as well as the budget.For instance,mountain/sea, town/island/village,spring/autumn etc.
-We choose some sports activities suitable for the chosen destination.For example, cycling/hiking/sup, canoe and kayak etc.
-We choose some sights situated near or around the destination.For example, places of historical/environmental/gastronomical interest.
-We choose a volunteer activity which will help bring a relief to a social or an environmental issue of the local community.For example, beach/public footpaths clean-up,in cooperation with the local organization on agricultural and farming issues,contributing to the local charity groups etc.
-Explavers | City
Re-discover the city,its urban areas,its history,its environment and its people.
-Epxlavers | Greece
Get to know,all over again,one of the most beautiful countries in the world...from a different angle!
Aiming at:
-Executives and employees of companies
-School/University students
-Family and friends groups
-Groups of concerned citizens who share mutual athletic/historical/gastronomical etc interests.
-The creation of a new travel culture that combines physical,spiritual and social entertainment through volunteer experiences.
-The creation of better social and professional relations (team work and building).
-The creation of 'social travel footprints'
-A new,different way of living in your city or your country and learning about it.
LAVEyou team plans,organizes and carries out Explavers actions/activities in cooperation with Companies,Municipalities,Social Institutions,NGOs and Individuals.All the mentioned affiliations are chosen based on the nature of the experience they want to live.
Contact us:
Mob: 0030 6944316686
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