Voluntarism itself entails solidarity and unconditional giving. It is expressed in various manners, each of which has its own means and methods; however, their joint characteristic is their assistance to the defense of the fundamental rights.

In now days, voluntarism is regarded as the institution which contributes to the facing of social, economic and environmental problems, being called to fill up gaps created by the failure of the state and the market mechanisms.

Within this framework, many Non-Governmental Organizations engaged into multiple volunteer activities have recently emerged in our country, being principally focused on the environment, culture, social services etc.

All such non-governmental organizations, either in the form of foundation, civil/non profit association, society or club, found their action on the volunteer offer of their members.

Voluntarism is not just a term, is a way of life and affects positively society as it concerns everyone, regardless any social and economic discriminations, promotes the active participation of citizens in the defense of their fundamental rights and strengthens the social solidarity and cohesion.

Voluntarism Model:

Voluntarism may be considered as a combination of activism and honorary work Voluntarism may be considered as activism and development of our leisure Voluntarism may be considered as development of leisure and unconditional giving Finally, voluntarism is the combination of all three separate elements.

Information source: University of Ioannina

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