About Us

LAVEyou project is a group of people(of non-profit interests) who aim at promoting and organising the spirit/movement of volunteerism of social solidarity and environmental protection.
This can be achieved by:
a. Creating a platform of social networking of individuals/Corporations,NGOs etc
b. Designing,organizing and implementing events,actions,seminars on behalf of or in collaboration with individuals or corporations, NGOs, social institutions,citizens' movements etc.

Our vision: With Greece as a starting point,we intend to become a global networking meeting point of all the individual/corporate and social institutions who view social networking(in combination with all the advantages it provides),primarily through volunteerism, solidarity and selfless contribution.

1. The incorporation of volunteerism into our everyday life in a modern, functional and enjoyable way so as to enable us to help solve various social problems.
2. The recording/registering and projecting the individual and corporate social responsibility.
3. The projection,promotion and support of NGOs, social institutions etc.
4. The design, organization and implementation of actions in cooperation with Companies, through a corporate social responsibility scheme to promote the spirit of volunteerism.

Actions: LAVEyou team believe that the best way to promote and project our vision is by setting an example. We design,organize and implement events,actions,seminars with the contribution,cooperation and involvement of people,corporations and social institutions.

Our message: LAVEyou: Action | Reaction | Interaction

Our footprint: discover it through our website!

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